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SC Alien International
SRL is the sole representative in Romania of prestigious companies building greenhouses of the Netherlands PRINS GROUP.

When it comes to horticultural greenhouses, the name Prins has been a byword for decades, since a Prins greenhouse undisputedly represents quality and solidity. With the formation of the Prins Group, two other important aspects have been added: convenience and security.

Convenience, because as a single stop you as a grower can get to four specialised companies that will together be responsible for your complete greenhouse. And security, because you know that you are assured of a variety of integrated technologies that mate seamlessly
with one another. Four companies that innovate, produce, plan and implement with one another more closely than ever (for the relationship has existed for a long time).

They complement and reinforce one another and you reap the benefit. Prins Kassenbouw, Prins Kasprojecten, Vepritec Kastechniek and Batist Systemen – four companies that think and act as one. At least, if that is what you want, since the Prins partners will also work with you individually with just as much enthusiasm – while retaining all the benefits in terms of engineering quality and price. So, on the websites they introduce themselves to you separately. Are you curious about the Prins vision of your specific business circumstances? Then please feel free to contact us for detailed advice without obligation.